July 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Harbor Transit Multi-Modal Transportation System (HTMMTS)

Board Meeting Minutes

Spring Lake Village

July 27, 2016
Meeting Called to Order at 5:30 p.m.

Present: Pete LaMourie, Craig Bessinger, Michael DeWitt, Bob Monetza, Rick Homan, Joanne Marcetti and Joe TePastte
Absent: Gordon Gallagher, Chris Burns, Patrick McGinnis and Bill Cargo.
Also Present: Tom Manderscheid, Director, Anthony Dionise, Operations Manager, Shelley Converse, Customer Care and Compliance Manager, Dennis Swartout, Marketing Representative.

Approval of May 25, 2016 Minutes

Motion by Michael DeWitt to accept the minutes of May 25, 2016, second by Pete LaMourie. Motion carries.

Approval of the Regular Agenda
Motion by Rick Homan, second by Michael DeWitt to approve the Regular Agenda Motion carries.

General Business / Call to Audience- no comments from the general audience.

Financial Report:

FY2016 – July 1, 2015 – July 21, 2016 Operating Budget

Tom Manderscheid reported that overall we are $36,877 under budget taking into account $80,000 is set aside for labor accrual and also taking into account the workers comp deficit of $44,470.00. We do acknowledge some invoices still coming in for payment. Tom does not anticipate being over budget in FY2016.
Moved by Rick Homan to approve the Financial Report, second by Michael DeWitt. Motion carries.

New Business:
FY2016 Capital Budget amendment

Tom presented an amended capital budget to include the $12,000 that was approved at the May 25, 2016 meeting for Route, four years of cellular data plans and maintenance support for (4) four new tablets. Moved by Pete LaMourie to approve the FY2016 Capital Budget as amended, second by Bob Monetza. Motion carries.
Note: The Board approved $13,000 but through negotiations was reduced to $12,000.

Certified resolution to approve the terms of MDOT Contract 2012-0087/P23, FY2016 CMAQ (Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality Improvement Grant in the amount of $577,063.00. Grant is to purchase four buses and to fund Outreach and Marketing program authorizing the President and Secretary to execute the necessary documents. Motion to approve made by Joanne Marcetti and supported by Rick Homan. Motion carried.

Consideration by the HTMMTS Board to approve the unbudgeted expenditure of an additional $4,425.00 of local match on the bus purchases of four ARBOC Buses to include an extra camera in each bus and additional bus preparation. Motion to approve made by Michael DeWitt and supported by Pete LaMourie. Motion carried.

Certified resolution to approve the terms of MDOT Contract 2012-0087/P19/R1, FY2014 Section 5339 Bus and Bus Facilities Formula Program in the amount of $42,370.00 to purchase a replacement service truck, a low powered repeater, a portable oil storage tank and to add an additional line item of an LED Parking Lot light, authorizing the President and Secretary to execute the necessary documents. Motion to approve made by Bob Monetza and supported by Michael DeWitt. Motion carries.

Directors Report

Marketing Report

Informed Board of the Zing Training that took place with HT Mgmt. members and that we offered it to the other City of Grand Haven Departments since we had open slots. The cost of the training was covered in our recent budget. We will be organizing an internal “customer service committee” that will reward, and recognize meaningful employees who display good customer service. We are committed to have all our employees, over time attend this training.
Michael DeWitt questioned the appeal of the Culver’s signage on the side of the trolleys. After some discussion it was agreed to take pictures of both the old and new signs and e-mail them to Board members.

Director’s written report

Tom reported to the Board that we should be receiving $81,210 of new money in FY2017 from MDOT. Tom suggested that we should look at extending our service hours in the evening with the additional monies. A possibility would be to extend Night Owl service (1 or 2 buses), no dispatch, with 24 hrs. advance reservations until 11PM or Midnight to catch anyone leaving second shift or going to 3rd shift work. Tom also thought we would do public meetings to solicit local comment. The Board provided direction to proceed with a study.

Board Members Comments:

Joanne Marcetti suggested Harbor Transit begin looking at fixed routes. Also suggested Harbor Transit employees be reminded they are employees of Harbor Transit and not the City of Grand Haven and asked if employees could get their payroll on Harbor Transit checks.
Bob Monetza commented that the Grand Haven City Council approved the sale of the trolleys.
Michael DeWitt commented he received reports of buses running with no running lights.
Joel TePastte commented it was good to hear that Harbor Transit was on good financial ground and asked if the pension was funded. Director Manderscheid replied it was fully funded.
Rick Homan questioned when late hours could start.

General Business/ Call to Audience- no comments from the general audience

Motion by Joanne Marcetti and supported by Pete LaMourie to adjourn at 6:39

Next HTMMTS Board meeting will be held on September 28, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. at
City Ferrysburg, 17290 Roosevelt, (use Ridge Road entrance) Ferrysburg, MI 49409

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