May 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Harbor Transit Multi-Modal Transportation System (HTMMTS)

Board Meeting Minutes

Spring Lake Village
May 25, 2016


  1. Meeting Called to Order at 5:30 p.m.

Present:         Pete LaMourie, Craig Bessinger, Chris Burns, Bob Monetza, Patrick McGinnis, Rick Homan, Joanne Marcetti, Gordon Gallagher

Absent:          Mike DeWitt, Joe TePastte and Bill Cargo.

Also Present:            Tom Manderscheid, Director, Anthony Dionise, Operations Manager, Shelley Converse, Customer Care and Compliance Manager, Dennis Swartout, Marketing Representative.

  1. Approval of March 23, 2016 Minutes

Motion by Rick Homan to accept the minutes of March 23, 2016, second by Chris Burns. Motion carries.

  1. Approval of the Consent and Regular Agenda

Motion by Rick Homan, second by Joanne Marcetti to approve the Consent and Regular Agenda with the addition of two items (to approve $13,000 for RouteMatch supplies and to amend the 2016 operating budget). Motion carries.

  1. General Business / Call to Audience- no comments from the general audience.
  1. Financial Report:

1. FY2016 – July 1, 2015 – May 17, 2016 Operating Budget

Tom Manderscheid reported that we are running within the budget and we should be approximately $75,000 below budget going into the last month of the fiscal year.

Moved by Bob Monetza to approve the Financial Report, second by Rick Homan. Motion carries.

  1. New Business:
    1. FY2017 Budget Adjustment- Insurance

Pat McGinnis reported that the City Insurance Fund was relieving all operating funds of responsibility for property and liability insurance in 2016/2017. This results in $130,000 less expense for insurance in the next fiscal year and is a one-time adjustment. Tom Manderscheid suggested that he will seek advice from Jim Bonamy on how to best adjust our budget to support the Harbor Transit operation.

B. Consideration by the HTMMTS Board to approve the Harbor Transit Board of Director meeting dates for FY2017 (June 1, 2016- May 30, 2017).

Motion to approve the schedule for the coming year as follows:

            July 27, 2016 at Spring Lake Township

            September 28, 2016 at Ferrysburg City Hall

            November 16, 2016 at the City of Grand Haven

            January 25, 2017 at Grand Haven Charter Township

            March 22, 2017 at the Village of Spring Lake

            May 24, 2017 at Spring Lake Township

C. Consideration by the HTMMTS Board to approve the expenditures of $13,000 for four RouteMatch Mobile AVL/MDC Modules, Licenses, cellular data and Maintenance and Support.

Motion by Gordon Gallagher, support by Rick Homan,to approve the expenditure of up to $13,000 for the purchase of the Modules as presented by Director Tom Manderscheid. Motion carries.

D. Consideration by the HTMMTS Board to amend the 2016 Operating Budget.

Tom Manderscheid explained that he had gone over the current year budget in great detail, and revenues are projected slightly higher and expenses slightly lower. Motion by Joanne Marcetti, second by Pete LaMourie, to amend the 2016 Operating Budget as presented. Motion carries.

E. Election of HTMMTS Officers:

l. HTMMTS Board President

ll.HTMMTS Board Vice-President

lll. HTMMTS Board Secretary

Motion by Gordon Gallagher, second by Bob Monetza, to reappoint Craig Bessinger as President, Bill Cargo as Vice President and Pat McGinnis as Secretary. Motion carries.

F. Possible Appointment of HTMMTS Treasurer and/or Recording Secretary.

Motion by Rick Homan to appoint Pat McGinnis as the Recording Secretary and not appoint anyone as Treasurer. Motion carries.

2. Directors Report

A. Marketing Report

• Denny Swartout reported that there will be significant upheaval for beach traffic this year and next due to the reconstruction of Grand Avenue.

• Soccer in the Sand organizers are aware of the construction and will be working to make the best use of the Beach Express as possible.

• The State Park Director (now Matt Shaver) will place signage out when the parking lot is full letting motorists know about the Beach Express.

• All available advertising space on the trolleys is taken this year.

• The summer newsletter will be going to press in early June. It will be inserted into the City of Grand Haven utility bills, hitting over 5,000 households. The offer stands for all municipalities, or, if the different municipalities would like content for their newsletters Denny will provide copy.

B. Director’s written report

• We have filed for the Federal Excise Tax Credit for the propane we have used and he expects a check in the amount of $16,390.40.

• Ross Martin is a new mechanic who is doing a wonderful job for Harbor Transit as a mechanic.

• Shelley Converse gave a report on large group transportation schedules. Groups are usually schools or groups of senior citizens. During the past seven month period, we transported 247 large groups.

3. Board Members Comments:

Bob Monetza asked about the status of the strategic plan development that was introduced by the County Planning Department a few years ago. It remains a work in progress.

4. General Business/ Call to Audience- no comments from the general audience

5. Adjourn to Executive Session pursuant of Section 8 (a) of the Open Meetings Act.

Tom Manderscheid requested that the Board convene in Executive Session to conduct his annual performance evaluation. Moved by Bob Monetza, second by Joanne Marcetti, to convene in Executive Session at 6:35 p.m.

Roll call vote:           Yes:   Pete LaMourie, Craig Bessinger, Chris Burns, Bob Monetza, Patrick McGinnis, Rick Homan, Joanne Marcetti, Gordon Gallagher

                        No: None

The Board reconvened at 6:53 p.m.

Considerable discussion followed about compensation adjustment following a very positive evaluation.

Motion by Joanne Marcetti to increase the salary to $88,000, second by Monetza. Motion carries.

6. Adjournment at 7:09

Next HTMMTS Board meeting will be held on July 27, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. at Spring Lake Township Offices, 102 West Savidge Street, Spring Lake, MI 49456
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