No Show

No-Show Policy / Cancelling Service / Late Cancel Policy

If you no longer need a ride, please be courteous and cancel your reservation by calling customer service at 842-3200. Cancellations must be made at least 30 minutes before your scheduled pickup time to prevent a No-Show infraction from being issued, and at least 2 hours or more before your scheduled pickup time to prevent a Late Cancel infraction.

If a passenger fails to show for their pickup ride, a No-Show infraction is issued; in addition–for Non-ADA passengers–any return trip scheduled for that day will be automatically cancelled. You will be notified in writing of each No-Show infraction. In cases of personal emergency (an occurrence demonstrated to be beyond the client’s control) a No-Show will be waived. It is the passenger’s responsibility to contact Harbor Transit  to offer any explanation of a No-Show.

Riders accumulating an excessive pattern of No Show or Late Cancel infractions within a rolling 30-day period can be suspended from using services for up to 30 days. Non-ADA passengers also must pay for the fares of all missed rides before they will be allowed to use the services of Harbor Transit again.