November Board Meeting Minutes

Harbor Transit Multi-Modal Transportation System (HTMMTS) Board Meeting Minutes

Spring Lake Village Hall

November 18, 2015


  1. Meeting Called to Order at 5:30 p.m.

Present:     Pete LaMourie, Bill Cargo, Bob Monetza, Craig Bessinger, Chris Burns, John Nash, Mike DeWitt, and Pat McGinnis

Absent:       Joanne Marcetti, Gordon Gallagher and Bill Meyers

Also Present:     Tom Manderscheid, Director, Denny Swartout, Marketing Rep, Anthony Dionise, Operations Manager, Sue Thomae, Customer Care and Compliance Manager, Jim Bonamy, City Finance Director, Trina Robinson, City Accounting Supervisor, Doug Vredeveld, Auditor and Jon Toppen, Candidate for Local Advisory Committee.

  1. Approval of September 23, 2015 Minutes

Motion by Chris Burns to accept the minutes of September 23, 2015, second by Pete LaMourie. Motion carries.

  1. Approval of the Consent and Regular Agenda

Motion by Pat McGinnis, second by Chris Burns, to approve the Consent and Regular Agenda. Motion carries.

  1. General Business / Call to Audience- no comments from the general audience
  1. Financial Report:

1. Presentation of Harbor FY2015 Financial Audit- Jim Bonamy, Finance Director, City of Grand Haven.

Doug Vredeveld walked through the annual audit report. Good clean opinion. Internal control and compliance also clean.

Bill Cargo requested that we have an explicit discussion on MERS benefits and OPEB and that future audits show a footnote recognizing this liability or lack thereof. It was agreed that we would discuss this further at the January 27, 2016 meeting.

2. FY2016 – July 1, 2015 – November 1, 2015 Operating Budget.

Budget is tracking well; under budget on expenses. Fuel costs are tracking very well due to low fuel costs.

Moved by Pete La Mourie, second by Bob Monetza, to accept the financial reports. Motion carries.

  1. Consent Agenda

A. Consideration by the HTMMTS Board of a resolution to appoint Jon P. Toppen, 1410 Hillcrest Street, Grand Haven, MI to an at-large seat expiring in November 2016 on the HTMMTS Local Advisory Committee.

Motion by Bill Cargo, second by Mike DeWitt, to appoint Jon Toppen to the Local Advisory Committee. Motion carries.

  1. New Business:

A. Consideration by the HTMMTS Board to approve a resolution to approve the FY2015 Financial Audit.

Motion by Bill Cargo, supported by Chris Burns, to accept the FY 2015 Audit Report as presented. Motion carries.

B. Federal Transit Administration Triennial Review – Final report.

Two federal auditors/contractors from New Jersey spent two days going over the entire operation, and only one finding based on procurement (see item c. below). This is a superb outcome.

C.Discussion on amended Procurement Policy.

Tom is preparing a revised policy that will comply with Federal expectations for approval at the January 27, 2016 meeting.

  1. Directors Report

A. Marketing Report- Dennis Swartout

Continuing work with local employers and the Chamber on ride to work issues. Fact finding to build a case for future service delivery improvements.

Rough draft of Harbor Trolley Service brochure was distributed to Board members.

B. Written report

We are now transporting clients of the Little Red House.

Excess and obsolete repair parts. Ross Martin, new mechanic salvaged $1,100 worth of air filters.

Organizational announcements – interviewed 11 part time employees and hired four for full-time employment.

  1. Board Members Comments:

Looking forward to Harbor Trolley roll out.

  1. General Business/ Call to Audience- no comments from the general audience
  1. Adjournment

Next HTMMTS Board meeting will be held on January 27, 2016, 5:30pm at

Grand Haven Charter Township, 13300 168th Avenue, Grand Haven, MI 49417

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