Annual Report 2015 – 2016

President’s and Director’s Letter


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Over the last twelve months, Harbor Transit has experienced solid growth in all aspects of its business. Both seasonal as well as year around operations have seen more riders and more overall activity then ever before. While gratifying as this might be, our real gratification comes from knowing that we are making a positive difference in people’s lives. Whether it’s getting someone to work on time, a child to school in the morning, or a rider to a needed appointment we strive to do our jobs in the most professional way possible each and every day.

A great deal has changed in and around the Tri-Cities over the last four decades, since Harbor Transit first began providing service to the community back in 1975. The area we serve has expanded five fold following the recent expansion into Spring Lake Township, last year the number of riders hit an all time high of 225,983, and during the last few years over $1.7 million dollars has been invested in new vehicles, building improvements and technology. What has not changed is our ongoing commitment to provide efficient, economical, and safe on demand transportation to all those in need of our service. This annual report details the financial and operational highlights of the last twelve months. But more then that it tells the story of what we do to improve the quality of life for so many throughout the Tri-Cities as they go about their daily l ives. Beyond the rout ine trips to schools, shopping, and doctor appointments, we have established a number of local partnerships with organizations throughout the area. These relationships help to ensure that those with challenges or disabi l it ies, those without transportation, as well as shut-ins are provided more freedom and independence because of the service Harbor Transit provides.

The results noted in this report could not have been accomplished were it not for all of the dedicated and hardworking Harbor Transit employees. We extend our thanks to them for a job well done. Likewise, we appreciate the time and effort put in by members of both the Board and Advisory Committee whose oversight and input are vital to the organizations overall achievements. We look forward to building on the success of the past as we continue to provide a much needed and valued service to the community.

Craig Bessinger – President HMMTS Board

Tom Manderscheid – Director of Transportation Harbor Transit